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Our music can be categorized as good old rock. It’s melodious; the lyrics are uncomplicated and you will hear many catchy riffs with longer guitar and organ solos.

All the songs have been taken from the repertoire of the two classic legendary British rock groups Deep Purple and Uriah Heep. You’ll hear Golden Oldies from the albums In Rock (DP), Machine Head (DP), Demons and Wizards (UH) and The Magician’s Birthday Party (UH) as well as newer material from the Perfect Strangers album (DP).

The main focus is on the 1970’s repertoire, which was the golden decade for these bands. Both Deep Purple and Uriah Heep have been active since the late 1960’s, and are still doing concerts around the world.

The famous Smoke On The Water riff has been played by generations of guitar players since its release in 1972. Many of you will also remember the powerful screams from Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan on the classical tune Child in Time, and the heavily distorted organ in the intro of Lazy. This music allows for plenty of improvisation on guitar, organ and drums. All this can be heard at Purple Heep’s live shows, and the renowned Hammond organ is of course included.

The band`s focus is on presenting the music as close to the originals as possible, but without sounding like a static recording. This music should be alive and we strive to give our audience a feeling of the magical atmosphere that always followed these bands’ live shows.

Purple Heep has been support band for Nazareth and Dr. Hook.


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Booking: MK ARTIST - 047 415 06 587 -  nm-krist@online.no




Oliver Weers - vokal

Kristian Ryland - keyboard, Hammond, synth, koring

Reino A. Småland

Jan Thue - trommer

Bjarte J. Skintveit - bass